New Cymbal Ideas?


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Recently, i began thinking "what new cymbals could be made"? There are already so many variations in cymbal groups that it seems to me that you cant do anymore to a circle (or other) of bronze.
I finally figured out that someone should make something between a china and a bell, like a very small china cymbal with the thickness of a bell. Can you imagine the ping of a bell with the pang of a china, but in one? I don't think it would work, but it might be interesting to see it.
Do you guys have any creative cymbal ideas? Even stupid stuff like those Zildjian frying pans, creative bronze ideas go here!


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Hammerax has some pretty interesting innovations.

I'd like to see some sort of gong-shaped cymbal. Sharply-flanged edges pointing up or down, no bell.


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Saw an interesting one at The Big Beat. It was cut in a coil. This guy had one on each side of the kit. Check it out.

Big Beat 002.jpg


I think those are some sort of FX cymbal Zildjian makes. Certainly a lot cooler than a frying pan...

I always thought (as an experiment) to make, like, a 'bastard' cymbal. Have one straight edge, a random rivet, a side like a china, etc. I don't know, something like combining all the parts of cymbal that make it trashy.


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several companies make those spiral ones, i see them refered to as a cymbal snake a lot but i think there is actually a name for them.

as far as new cymbal designs.

edible cymbals for the hungry drummer
a cymbal cut like a giant middle finger, if you don't like it screw you!
a stop sign cymbal for the drummers that should......
cymbals with built in sound boxes, they could say oww! when you hit them...
cymbals shaped just right so people with bad technique can play them without breaking them
a colored cymbal that actually sounds good, a little diversity never hurt anybody.
mud embeded in the cymbal for that durty souff sound....
a cymbal made completely out of rivets, you can never have too much sizzle...

seriously, the first thought that comes to mind is playing with other materials rather then bronze and brass. how about aluminum, steel, titanium, varying combinations of alloys, b50, traces of gold instead of silver. how about varying profiles, like say something like /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\, that would be zigzaging across the bow. moving the bell all the way to one side and suspend it vertically. instead of hammering, english wheel them. i'm sure there's still plenty to experiement with that hasn't been done before....


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How about some O-zone hi-hats..this could be a fun challenge to see if you can keep the top and bottom holes lined up...???.... OK an O-zone Gong?