New Cover (for me) - Delbert McClinton

Jim Mattingly

Senior Member
Just needed to comment on one of the funnest covers I have played in a long time. Delbert McClinton' version of On Shaky Ground. Have heard the song for years and always liked it, just never covered it. The guitarist just introduced it the other day and I was OK with it, not overly excited though....That is until I listened to it and started working on it. Very easy song to play, nothing difficult at all with it. But when you really start playing with all the options you have on riding your bell and playing off signature it is a blast. Played it at practice tonight and it went over great, especially with the new female vocalist belting it out, I mean this chick is Susan Tedeschi capable...Just wanted to share yet another great experience playing, dam I love my life as a drummer...We all need to take at least a little bit of time to love ourselves....Yee FN Haa...