New Comprehensive Book on Linear Drumming


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Hi all,

I wanted to let you all know about a new book I have written and released. It is called Linear Freedom: A Complete Concept for the Development of Linear Drumming, and is published by my own company Artificer Productions.

The book is based around identifying a core set of linear phrases across the whole rhythmic spectrum, and then, using the concept outlined in the book, combing any phrase with any other without the need for any memorisation. This allows you to improvise in a linear fashion straight away. This approach utilises accent reading studies in the vein of Syncopation interpretations to demonstrate the material.

I'm really proud of it, and it is selling well already. I've made a series of demonstrative videos on my YouTube channel, which you can see here:

The book is available worldwide as both a physical copy, spiral bound to sit on a music stand, or as a high-fidelity PDF.

Thanks, and I'd love any feedback.



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Nice job! That's a hell of a lot of work-- just writing the stuff, and then getting it ready for press. I'd like to review that on the blog if you want to send me a hard copy. Shoot me a private message for that.