New Company Launches Left-Handed Drum Sticks


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I tried them, but ~half of the sticks had the tips on the wrong end. I had the same issue with the roofing nailsI bought last week. I blame China.
Fantastic ….

Now I can get some left-handed drumsticks to go with my left-handed screwdriver, you know, the one in the toolbox with the big "L" on the handle.


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I remember buying drywall nails once and was told they were for the other side of the wall. But I think I was in Jr. High school at the time


For Sale: Used window. Only looked through twice. Also have a blue door for a green F150.

Matt Bo Eder

Hey now - I've been using the left-handed drumsticks as a beta tester for years now. I'm glad they're finally bringing them to market.

I'm currently having my piano re-strung for left-handed playing. There's too much right-handedness going on in the world.


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You don't need to fork out for left handed, you blokes will fall for anything.

All you need to do is swap your current sticks over. Use the left handed stick in your right hand and the right handed stick in your left hand. Problem solved.

chris J

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I play traditional grip.
I am right handed.
Perhaps they will help my left hand get more powerful.



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Actually if you are left handed, playing with right-handed sticks will do more for your left hand.