New C&C Floor Tom!!!


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Hey guys (and gals)!

So back in June I placed an order for a matching 18x16" floor tom (or 16x18" for all you Americans and your backwards dimensions.... ;P ) to go with my absolutely wonderful C&C custom maple kit, and today it finally, after a number of delays due to the nature of the finish, IT ARRIVED. I sadly have to go to work, so I don't have time to re-size the pictures I've snapped. Which means I'm just a horrible tease at the moment...

But I promise, the wait will be worth it. This thing sounds absolutely HUGE and literally makes my practice room rattle and shake. For now, here's a quick little video I took on my iPhone...

I'll talk with you all later, and be back with the good stuff.



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congrats on the new drum. I buy my heads by the diameter so I always use the diameter first. As does almost everyone with snares

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Very cool. Happy day, congrats! I ordered in July and received a floor tom from C&C last month, a 14x14 (depth first), anyway, I could not be more pleased. Looking forward to the pics.
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