New Browser - Edge Chromium


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I've been testing the new version of Edge from Microsoft. It's built on the Chromium engine and it is awesome.
We had to stop using Chrome because of issue with the software reporting tool scanning our PCs sending CPU utilization to 100%.
If you aren't familiar with it the Software Reporting Tool, it scans your hard drive for apps and send the details to Google.



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I can't see the word "chromium" without thinking of Frank Zappa
And also in "Who Are The Brain Police" :)

More on topic, I'm also gravitating to Edge, my IE is getting buggy with several sites I need to deal with. Glad to know it's becoming more of a contender.



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So I'm a computer moron. Does this effect my phone? Also, since Chrome is my main browser, does it send info any time I use any app, or just when I use Chrome? And why should I worry about this? Seriously, I don't know.