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Anthony Amodeo

Thanks guys!
Woo Hooo!

I got a PM from a member who guessed the band, he knows them and plays the same circuit. The band name is "The Porkroll Project"

Taylor Porkroll is a big favorite around these parts and the leaders last name is Taylor.

Here's a link to their music page.

Onward, upward!

My other blues band lost our star female bassist to greener pastures in Nashville...we got a replacement dude, but for some reason the gigs are really sparse all of a sudden. So I the time for another band now, and this just fell right in my lap basically. It's funny how that stuff works out. They liked what I did on the co bill, they were very enthusiastic, and invited me out to a jam party where they gave me all their CD's. Then about 2 weeks later they asked me for an audition. So I go and auditioned on their house set, a Cat Club w/ an 18" bass drum. I used my snare and a few cymbals, because theirs sounded like your typical drumset, crap. We ran about 4 songs, took a break, had a few laughs, then did 1 more, and that was it. Then about 3 days after that, I get the call. He liked the way my audition felt so much that he said he doesn't feel the need to look further, and if I want the position, it's mine. So after deeply thanking him I wholeheartedly accepted the position lol.

This is the start of a new chapter.
love me a taylor ham egg and cheese


sounds great Larry

keep us closely posted


"Uncle Larry"
Pol. the drive is about 1 hour. That's about 1 hour Oz time lol.
They rehearse not too often. Fine by me.
TBH, their stuff...I just need to write out the arrangements and tempos, I won't need much rehearsal. Blues drumming.... it's not heavy lifting, it's more of a knowledge of what not to do, what to do, how to do it, when to do it, what it's supposed to feel like.... The actual notes are not hard to play, but to make them sound right...that's where the feel lives. I would feel confident enough to gig right now with them. I've been listening to their stuff a few weeks now. If I hear it enough, I can go in cold to a gig if I had to. I'd bring some notes. It's just blues. The various blues song forms are tattooed inside my brain by now lol.

Blues drumming is so second nature to me by now...that's why I nailed the audition, because it's so easy for me. I'm dead center of my comfort zone, like a fish in water. I have headroom galore.
It's nice to be humble, I prefer humble people, but at the same time, sometimes you just gotta exclaim...."Yea baby I nailed it!"

Feels good.

The rest of my life is a struggle, but dammit, my playing is finally coming together!


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...Good on you Larry.

I have had a musical renewal of my own. Our jam nights are feeling good, and my playing reflects it. I like this feeling, so I can only imagine how you must feel on this, your arrival.

Good luck and good drumming.



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Then it's a good balance, Larry. You don't have a regular 1 hr drive (Oz time) but every now and then you go to an idyllic location to play with a band you love. Works for me.

Funny thing, seems like being a blues player is like being a bop guy, just on a simpler scale. You have the must-know standards, you have the dos and don'ts, no need for much rehearsal, just go in there are play.

But two keys players (you mean a B3 Hammond, yes?) ... in my experience it's hard enough to get even one keys player to leave space - all those busy little digits looking for something to do ...

Maybe with two they cancel each other out? :)


"Uncle Larry"
Yea 2 keys players. Pretty unorthodox. Hopefully that means no small stages for this band. The sound is so full. I don't have to fill as much space, so my job is easier than in the trio. The audition was really a breeze. I nailed a few signature breaks on their originals so they were all impressed that I did my homework. I just listened about a dozen times on the way to jobs, that was the homework. But with a band that big, there's less holes to cover. It's like this cloud of sound all around me. I don't feel nearly as exposed. I'm enveloped in sound. I don't feel nearly as responsible, (even though I still am) more like I am along for the ride. They almost don't need me, but will be much better with lol.


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No doubt it's less responsibility, especially if everyone's time is good. Might be some tempo power struggles otherwise.

All you need now are three female backing vocalists and a small horn section - maybe sax, trumpet and 'bone. Oh, and can't forget the percussionist ... :)


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Congrats Larry, I can feel that good vibe feeling all the way over here. Have a blast with the new group.


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Hopefully that means no small stages for this band.
Nope, just bigger stages with less room for drums, lol!

I checked out a bunch of Youtube clips this morning Larry. I wanted to get a handle on the band dynamic, especially the two keys players deal. Good news all round :) Both players use a single board, so together, they take up about as much space as our keys player with his two sided 4 board monstrosity (as the drummer, in my band, it's kinda nice not being the biggest space taker on the stage). The piano player takes the rhythm role mostly, whilst the B3 player's doing the signature stuff & concentrating on lead vocals. Works very well IMO.

I like the band energy, & there's certainly a chick ass swinging party vibe going on. I predict good times!!! Plenty of drummy driving boogie scope in the band too, so some happy thumping stuff to look forward to. You're going to have a blast Larry :):):)