NEW Alesis nitro mesh vs used Roland TD4


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Hello! I'm a beginner looking into my 1st kit. Needs to be electric and on a budget. My 2 main options right now both cost about 450 USD (600 canadian). One is A new Alesis nitro mesh...which has all mesh and positive reviews. Its a new kit and I'm getting it new. The other option is a used TD4 Roland (mesh snare only) on kijji and it will come with a Roland PM-10 drum amp (which seems to be worth at least 100) and some sort of little laptop that has some training software. I could use the amp, not sure if I'll use the trainer. The real question is about the kits.........The Roland is about 10 years old, but better reputation....Alesis is new and all mesh (which seems to be a thing for you drummers!) there a clear winner here? A better option for the price?
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The Nitro is okay for a starter e kit. The mesh heads are a plus. The TD-4 will need a MIDI to USB adapter if you plan to use it with a computer. The addition of the amp is nice...

I guess I would worry more about the condition of the TD-4 since it is rather old. If you can check it out in person prior to buying it do that!

If not, the Nitro may be a better option. Being that it's new, Alesis should have parts ready to roll if something happens. Also, Sweetwater has a 2-year warranty on nearly every product they sell. I'm confident the Nitro would be on that list.