New 26 inch kick

As title says i got my 26 inch kick drum, which im in awe over, it is the best kick ive ever played. i converted a marching kick drum to a regular kick. lemme whatcha think. also got a new dw 2000 double pedal which is working amazingly


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Yup, a very affordable way to add a kick drum, to your collection. I've converted 20, 26, and 28 inch marchers into kicks. Super easy .... and usually 1/2 the cost (or less) of buying a standard kick drum.​
very much so. it cost me about 275$ for the kick and i recycled the legs from my old 22 kick drum only took about 15 minutes to put the holes in, so its actually pretty easy too.


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Very cool.
The finish is pretty mind blowing :)

If you like a home made beater patch (looks like tape in the pic), a cut piece of drum head make a fantastic patch. It also sounds as close to "no patch" as you can get if you use the same type of head as the batter.
Just tape around the edges. Works great, sounds great, no lag or wobble and you can change it when you want.
You can get as many as you'd ever need out of just a couple larger drum heads.

And, since they were used heads anyway, all your beater patches are now FREE :)


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Welcome to the 26 family! There is nothing like playing a large kick drum. If you want low end a 26 is the way to go!


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That's really cool! It's a very imaginative and unique approach to putting a kit together. I love that finish too.

If it sounds great too like you say, you've done really well. Thanks for the post.
i appreciate the positive feedback guys, i can firmly say i will never go down kick drum sizes again, completely satisfied with the change. and thanx for the beater patch tip karl definatly trying that out.


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I've toyed with the marching drum idea, but for a real different reason. I like smaller bass drums and a marching drum is the only 18" bass drum I've seen that's available with 10 lugs.
Of course, you could always roll your own with a shell.

Anyways - sounds like you're having fun with the beast. Nice job.