New (2013) A's


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I certainly feel like they're going in the right direction. I trend towards not liking Zildjian's As when I hear them because I think they sound clangy, so this is certainly an improvement to me.


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For years, I've fussed about Zildjian making all of their thin and medium weight cymbals heavier. I have never understood why they had to change the weights in the first place. They should have kept the "heavy" designation in all of their lines. Now, the company is bringing back the heavy cymbals - DUUUHHHHH. I hope that the Zildjian execs have learned their lesson. Oh, the things that the Harvard Executive MBA program did not teach them. Again, DUUUHHHHH.

I still love Zildjian cymbals, and have despite the changes in the past. Finding a good one was like hitting a vein of gold in your back yard. Maybe this new change will bring Zildjian cymbals back to what made the company's product famous.


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I played one of the white logo 21" Sweet Rides in a store last week and was impressed. It's a good pie for sure. Versatile too I'd bet.

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I picked up a brand new 2013, 21" Zildjian Sweet Ride about a month or so ago. I was taking a chance and got it online. It looks like Zildjian drop shipped it to me. I can't say for sure, but the way it was packaged made me think so. It sports the new large "A" logo. Its a sharp looking cymbal. I have not bought a new cymbal for about six years ago when I purchased a 20" Zildjian Constantinople ?low? Crash to replace a cracked 19" K Dark Crash.

It sounds great! I had not like the Zildjian A line for some time. I too felt they sounded "clangy" and less sophisticated and complex than other cymbals. I grew to like the darker K lines. I am using it primarily as a crash ride for now playing pretty heavy sounding stuff. But I can say that although it sounds quite a bit higher in pitch than my 90's K custom dry, that it sounds great. Good stick definition without getting washy and without redlining into nasty over/undertones. It can explode as a heavy crash, but is quick to regain composure and stick definition. The bell is crisp, clear, and authoritative when struck with the shoulder of the stick. Just a great all rounder really. I want to hear the 23" Sweet Ride though.

I have been wanting to change my ride over to something less dry and more on a musical side than what my 20" K Custom Dry provides. I am not sure that I am ready to go A for my primary ride, but I will have to wait and see what the 23" Sweet Ride sound like. I am leaning more toward the standard K 20" Ride, or even Heavy Ride. I have not been able to hear too many K rides beyond 20", so still waiting.