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Nevermind - EDIT - NOT a Nirvana thread. Move along... lol

Irrelevant post. lol I found Live BPM for Android.
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From the intro of Smells Like Teen Spirit, Dave is all over this album. The huge kick drum and snare, the flams, the bass/snare combinations, the big backbeats, washy cymbals, and hard hitting, yet very musical playing hit home for me. Seeing Dave Grohl beat the shit out of the drums behind a four piece, hair whipping around was one of the biggest reasons I'm a drummer today, and still love his playing 20 years later. What an album!


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Moonie and Grohl showed the world, we can hold the sticks anyway we want..and still sound awesome.

Smells like Teen spirit song needs no additional tom toms or rack toms either....still sound awesome

rant over.