Never posted me playing before, so here goes!


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I talk a lot and I play a lot, but I don't think I've ever posted a video of my playing.

One of the bands I'm in played this past Saturday at a local festival. We had a guy, Alex Key, sit in with us on a song. I'd never played or heard this song before, so it was totally unrehearsed. I think it turned out ok though. I like this guy's voice.

Disclaimer: Country music content, low-quality video, but the audio is pretty good.

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Mr Farkle

I’ve listened to that song many times and you played it well! Great restraint. And no need for a Country music disclaimer for a Chris Stapleton song! Nope.

(edit: That version Stapleton made popular.)


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I kept waiting for some double bass runs and 32nd note tom fills; maybe next time. On a serious note, nice playing; the song flowed and grooved nicely. Very tasteful; I like it.


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Glad you finally posted PorkPie-man that was spot on! Great feel -I like started with cross sticking then as the song builds you build. You accompanied and highlighted the singer perfectly-job well done my man. Keep them coming. The audio did sound good-was this a Zoom product filming?