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Is it normal to go thru different combination of set ups, like, every week? Right now, it's a 4 piece using a 1 up tom mounted on a cymbal stand and 1 floor tom. Before that it was a 1 up tom on a snare stand and 2 floor toms. Before that it was 2 toms up on a tom stand and 1 floor tom. Before that the kit set up was a 4 piece with the tom mounted on the kick, etc.... I stil can't find the "perfect" set up. A lot I like, but nothing I'm willing to stick to.

Anyone else have this problem?

Beam Me Up Scotty

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I used to change my setup a lot in my first few years of playing, but when I found what worked for me, I didn't look back. I think you'll find something that you'll like and want to stick with soon enough.

That, or buy more toms :D

Duck Tape

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You need time to get familiar, maybe you're not spending enough time with each setup and you're frustrated that nothing feels like home.


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are you talking about gigging or practicing? If talking about practicing, heck yeah. Everything is constantly rotating, mostly hats snare and ride. Keep yourself thinking and playing styles fresh, nothing wrong with that!


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I've had the same basic setup for at least the past 15 years. The only real changes I've made are lowering my crash cymbal height and, just recently, sliding my hi hat pedal to the left to accommodate a double pedal.


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I think I'm not speinding near enough time behind the kit practicing to get used to the feel of how one set up works for all types of music I play. I don't think I've found "home" yet. Or Nirvana that makes me want to stay and practice for as long as I can.

Thanks everybody!