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I want to create a nesting kit out of drums I currently have because... just because! I have this massive set that I refinished this summer, but honestly I don't love it. It's a 24" bass drum which is way high for me to comfortably mount a tom off of. Recently I've been obsessed with tiny bop kits (i.e. my breakbeats) so I thought I could turn some of this kit into something I will actually play.

The tom sizes are 9x13, 10x14, 16x16, and 16x18. The thing about nesting kits is that each drum needs to be at least 3 inches apart in diameter to fit inside the next size up. I was thinking either:

1. 18" bass, buy a 12x15 marching drum of the bay, and 13" tom (although I wonder if the 13" would fit inside the 15 now that I'm typing this out...)
2. buy a deep 20" bass drum off the bay (more expensive), 16" floor tom, 13" tom
3. 18" bass, 10x14" floor tom???, buy a 7x10 mounted tom
4. double bass bop kit with 16 & 18 bass drums.....

Seems I could make a few configurations but I will need to buy at least one drum, which I'm fine with.

Maybe I'll use my 24" as wall art.

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I like option 3.

I had a sonic drive nesting kit for a short time. The bass drum didn't actually unclip and split in half, so you had to take one of the heads off. It's a pain in the arse, so make sure your kick splits in half.


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I chose door #3! I started transforming my kit into a nesting it. Step 1 was to make sure I could actually use my 18" floor tom as a bass drum. It almost failed because no matter how I set up the spurs there was a lug right where my bass pedal should go. I moved the spurs to different brackets until it worked it.

Here is the bass before I cut it in half with the "floor tom" off to the left (still don't know if I want it to have legs or be a hanging tom). Eventually I will put another bracket on top where the holes are already and use a Dunnett mount for a 10" tom.

I'm trying to do this as cheap as possible. I already had a riser from my breakbeats kit so I bought a $15 hoop from DfD. My pedal clears it just fine.

(that's my poodle in the background)


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Best of luck cutting that bad boy in half. How do you plan on holding it together afterwards? I'm picturing those clasps that hold say a tool box lid shut. You know the kind where you lift the little lever, clip it onto the thingy, and lever it shut.


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Yes exactly! Something like that..I'm going to use a re-rings glued halfway off the shell to use as a guide and butterfly latches to hold them together. Something along the lines of this.

I might actually send it to Precision to cut in half for me. I don't live too far from there so at least I'd save on shipping costs.