Nerves/stage fright etc - I need some wisdom


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stage fright is an extension of a lack of confidence ......and most of the time is the fear of being judged

nothing more than a distraction created in your head

have faith in yourself and truly trust your abilities have to not care how others perceive you and own the moment you perform in

I've seen and heard you play

you have no reason to have stage fright

now go kick some ass

Great answer! My sentiments exactly....

The Black Page Dude

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One thing that helped me was to find a drummer I really respected and jam with them. Playing with another drummer will help get rid of that "scrutiny" feeling. For some reason it soothes stage fright ... another drummer is potentially your biggest critic, so jamming with one who is better than you will put you in harms way.

And of course in the end, anyone who can claim that they are an accomplished player, will have nothing but encouraging words and want to help you get better!


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I highly recommend this book for dealing with stage fright.

It's a little new-agey but it has a ton of useful techniques for dealing with stage fright. I really think many of the answers people have posted are actually too simplistic. There are many reasons for stage fright and many different elements buried within each person. I have been drumming for over 25 years and my stage fright actually got WORSE the older and more experienced I became. (My expectations for myself went WAY up, to the point I was expecting perfection.)

Anon La Ply

When Carole King first performed live (singer/songwriter) she was offered this bit of advice:
Just play the songs, the songs are strong enough to carry everything. Don't worry about
yourself, just play the songs....or something like that.
This one resonates best with me. Maybe not so helpful if you're playing dull tunes :)