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While it used to be thought that that was a symptom of alcoholism, it's actually a skin condition similar to rosscea called rhinophyma and is most common in men 50 to 70.

I just assume it was a mix of sun damage and clogged pores due to Neil being an avid motorcycle rider, avid hiker, and general outdoors person.


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Been away from forum for awhile but had to come pay respect to one of my biggest inspirations - RIP to tha Professor of the drums.

Your creativity, musicality and passion behind the drums along with picture painting lyrical expression will always be remembered !!!

#RideAway #TruLegend #MusicalGenius

I haven't played in a while due to not owning drums. Practiced on the couch, warmed up with Force 10. Then Analog Kid and Camera Eye. Made it halfway through and I'm done. I haven't listened to much Rush lately, trying to put this out of my head. I forgot what an absolute monster Neil was when he recorded these songs.

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Neil Peart – If the Simple Dumb Thing Works Best

: During one interview Neil Peart defined "selling out" as playing drums "someone else's way." I mentioned Neil's playing on Jeff Berlin's album, Champion, specifically the song, Subway Music. To my ears, I said, Neil's playing there doesn't sound like the way he plays with Rush.

Neil's answer is where we begin this excerpt

Neil Peart: In a situation where there's a musical empathy I'd bend to the needs of the song. The same as I'd give a Rush song a simpler part. I'd force myself to do it.

There's a perfect example on Presto. The guys had written one song to a very simple plodding drum machine pattern. I tried everything, but nothing worked as well as that stupid lunkhead beat. If the simple dumb thing works best, it works best. // Full post