Neil Peart: No Keith Moon Without Gene Krupa

Scott K Fish

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Mystic Rhythms: Rush's Neil Peart On The First Rock Drummer
JANUARY 06, 2015 2:03 AM ET

At 62, Peart has lived through and listened to a substantial slice of the history of modern drumming. He says he first wanted to become a drummer when he saw The Gene Krupa Story.

"He was the first rock drummer, in very many ways," Peart says. "Without Gene Krupa, there wouldn't have been a Keith Moon. He was the first drummer to command the spotlight and the first drummer to be celebrated for his solos, because they were very flamboyant. He did fundamentally easy things, but always made them look spectacular."

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No Keith Moon, no Peart.

No Peart, no Portnoy.

No Portnoy, less kids feeling the need to include Octobons on their bands demo.


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Absolutely. Buddy Rich was a much better drummer in terms of speed and technical skill, but Krupa was a showman and fun to watch. Moon "borrowed" a lot of that "hey look at me" style from Krupa. Steve Moore has taken the cake from both however when it comes to 3 ring circus drumming.