Needing drum tab software...


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Ladies and Germs...I recently completed a drum instruction manual I want to shop to publishers and I am needing a Mac based notation system that will allow me to basically "drag & click" to rewrite all of this in a finished looking format. Most of what I have seen is Windows based. Would appreciate any help. Thanx! If this thread is in the wrong place, mods please change...
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Not sure if this helps but mac does have MS excel and word software that works with mac. I will take a free copy btw and give you my opinion : )


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I'm using Finale Songwriter ($50) which is the step up from Notepad. It does pretty much everything I need so far (including grace notes as mentioned above).


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Finale songwriter sounds fantastic. Thanks for the heads up.
It has a 30 day, full featured trial. I'd suggest using that full trial before purchasing just to make sure it meets your needs instead of taking my word it :) I'm still new to this...