Needing a very rare Pearl 10" Tom. Having problems.


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Hi all. Have asked this over on the PDF Forum but also thought it wouldn't harm to ask here also.
I am trying to fins a 10" tom for my Pearl Masters Premium Maple "Redline" kit. I know these are very rare kits & even more so here in the UK. I have emailed Pearl but am yet to receive a reply :(
I know in the US these were Reference kits (Masters for Europe) so I would entertain a Reference tom (Badge change would be done)
If anyone could help then it would be truly appreciated :)

Many thanks & kind regards, Kevin.

Pic of the tom for reference.

fullsizeoutput_f12 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr


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Set up alerts on Ebay and Reverb using keywords.

Maybe Craigslist can do this too, for the entire region?

Have worldwide alerts set on eBay. Apparently there were only 5 kits imported into the UK so I am kind of thinking it's not going to happen. Have found a Masterworks snare in the same colour combination though :)