Need tips on earplugs with good isolation for Iphone

1. Do you guys have any suggestions for what concernes the title of my post?
I have downloaded a metronome app called Tempo 2 to my Iphone so that I can use this app when I`m rehearsing or doing a gig, and in that case I need at set of earplugs that isolates very well.

2. If some of you have downloaded a metronome app that works better than Tempo 2 please let me know. I have had some bad experiences during gigs with it because of the sensitivity of the touch screen....not funny! :)

Greetings from Norway.


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np. try searching here, instead of waiting for more replies. there have been a lot of threads about this.


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Future Sonics. Atrio model. Get the foam surrounds for them. I recommend them to everyone. And everyone is happy. :)

I went all out with mine and had custom plugs made. Awesome on every level.