Need some tips on a ~67 Ludwig project


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I recently ebay/frankensteined my way into some 67 Ludwigs. Great drums, and they're working well for me. I'm at the point now where I'd like to do a bit of work on them.

To start, I have a hunch that the bearing edges may be a little bit uneven after being used over the years. I heard that you can lay sandpaper over a sheet of glass and even them out that way? Or should I just get it cut.

2nd, I'd like to update the hoops/lugs. I was thinking either new die cast, or switching it up and getting the tan/wood bass drum hoops a la Levon Helm. Again, I have a hunch that the drums aren't 100% round, and putting some new stuff on them would help get better tone out of the drums.

3rd, I do play fairly hard rock, but I'd really like to put some vintage looking heads on this bad boy. Are there any good calfskin imitators out there that have something that is durable. I'm not doing it because I want the sound, it's just all for the look. Preferably something with the durability of an Emp on the batters and an Amb. on the resonant.

Thanks for the help as always.


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FYI, 13x9 and 16x16 toms (keystone badges). 3 ply w/ 30* bearing edge My bass is actually a yamaha. My main focus is to get the toms dialed in the best I can.


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The edges are probably uneven because they are 1967 Ludwigs. The quality control wasn't the best back then, and uneven bearing edges are the norm. Also, these drums tend to go out of round moreso than modern drums when they are stored without heads on them.

2nd: die casr hoops will dry out the sound. 3-ply Ludwigs are already dry enough, so I wouldn't recommend it. Wood hoops will make them "woodier" or warmer. If that's what you want, go for it.

3rd: get some Fibreskyn reso heads. Or, if you wanted, get the real deal and get some Earthtone heads for the resonant heads. You won't be hitting them, anyways...


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Ludwig drums from that era are all unique. Each one is different. Treat your toms as if they were different people. Let them be themselves and speak how they speak.
As Caddy said, die cast hoops will not work well on these drums. I have had excellent luck with 2.3mm flanged hoops on my 68 toms. I found that the slightly thicker hoops gave the drums more body. You may want to give them a try.
Coated Amb's as reso's and Coated Ambassador-X as batters is a good combo that I use for heads.