Need Some Inspiration


Hi all. I have been drumming four around 4 years now, I attend lessons every week from a great drum teacher, I try to play every day for around 20 mins if not longer. The trouble is, I find myself playing the same beats and fills over and over. Playing to songs on my ipod with the same beats every time. I don't feel like I am getting better technically.

I love the drums, and I enjoy playing them, I just wondered if anyone had any advice on what i could do to improve my drumming or make it more rewarding/fun.


Try changing up what you listen to. That always seems to work for me.
I go to Pandora and type in anything and something usually grabs me.
Lately I've gotten into Drum & Bass techno'ish kind of music, thanks to Jojo Mayer.
It's like Tony Williams meets acid.

Bo Eder

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Listen to other stuff, that's good advice. But maybe it's time to play out with others? Find some like-minded musicians and have a jam for fun. Playing long with your iPod is one thing, holding a band together and playing for a band are two completely different things.


Thanks guys. New music is the path I was heading down. I'm going to try and play more jazz but man its hard. I can play a bit but a great jazz drummer like Buddy in my opinion is the best drummer ever.
I guess I should play along to his tracks.
And ill also try and get a few guitarist mates round my house for a jam. I should have done that years ago. Thanks for the help guys.