Need some help and advice to get on with my recordings


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I really want to record my 4-piece drum-kit and need some tips and inputs.

My styles of playing includes sludge-rock, sludge-metal, stoner-rock and psycadelic- rock. Music I'm inspired by are Kuyss, Clutch, Sleep, Queens of the stone age and Pink Floyd

I'm thinking about buying these mics:
AKG D112 = Bass drum
2x Sennheiser e904 = 2xTom
SM57 = Snare drum
2x Røde NT5 = Overhead

Any inputs here?

Have also been considering these mics:
Shure Beta 52A = Bass drum
Audix D6 = Bass drum
Audix D2 = Tom tom
Audix D4 = Floor tom
2x Sennheiser MD 421 = 2xTom
2x AKG C451 = Overhead

Any inputs on wich mics that fits best togheter or work out best in your homestudio?

I also need a soundcard or a mixer:
Can I make my recordings with a Presonus FireStudio Tube?
Or a Mackie Onyx 1620i mixer?
What's the difference between recording with a soundcard and a mixer?

Thanks for helping me out!