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Last January I ended up moving from an Apartment above a Law Firm (could play drums at certain times) to a Condo (no way in hell to play acoustic drums). To help with moving expenses I ended up selling my Sonor Force 2001 Fusion Kit.

I had previously purchased the kit used and had only owned them for about a year, but they were the first kit I truly was proud of. They weren't the highest end of drums, by any means, but they looked and to me sounded very professional. After months and months of looking for matching additions to my kit, I found someone selling an 8" Tom down in the US. Ended up paying $100 for him to ship it to me, fell in love with 3 Up 1 Down immediately.

Upon selling my drums, I asked the gentlemen to let me know if he were ever going to resell them, as I may be interested. Well, just a few days ago I received an email asking if I'd like to buy them back.

I am once again moving, this time to a house (where I'll be able to play drums again!). As you can imagine, I am extremely excited and can't tell you how much I've missed being able to bang away as loud as I want.

I guess if you haven't already guessed what I'm going to ask, I'll just go ahead and say it.

Do you think it would be wise to invest $400-500 on my old Drum Kit (just the Shell Pack) or would it be better spent putting it towards a higher level kit?

I know the Sonor 2001s are fairly outdated, but I also know for a fact I can make them sound good. Oh they also look awesome too! Guess they've got a bit of sentimental value as well, hence me making this thread.

Attached is an older picture (only one I could find) that doesn't include the 8".

Anyway, please let me know what you guys think.



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By starting a thread I think deep down you want it back... You could always buy it now and sell it later if you decide to change. If you like it then do you NEED something higher level? What do you have to lose, a couple hundred bucks maybe? I say do it.


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I don't know much about those specific Sonor shells.

The sentimental value is yours alone..............but I know I could find some nice used Maple-Cats or Meridians for $ I would measure accordingly.


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Can't help with your decision but have to say I love that orange color....sweet! I'm sure whatever you decide will be right for you.


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If you like those drums then those are the drums that you should have.
You can always buy your old kit and a second more modern kit and have two kits to choose from.


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....Do you think it would be wise to invest $400-500 on my old Drum Kit (just the Shell Pack) or would it be better spent putting it towards a higher level kit?....

If you want your old kit, it would be wise to use the money for that.

If you want a newer, higher end kit, it would be wise to use the money for that.

If finances aren't the determining factor, then neither is wisdom.


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I say "pull the trigger" and get your old kit back. Sure, it's a little dated .... but so is my Gretsch Round Badge kit. So what. Has drum technology changed so much, that a "new" intermediate kit is light years better than your "old" intermediate kit? Not really.​
The plus side ... you already know the drums. What they sound like. How they tune. What heads to put on them. No guess work. You bring home a "different" kit, you have to learn all that stuff, all over again. Me, personally, I love to fiddle with different drum kits. Which is why I own 7 acoustic kits. But not everyone likes to tinker, like I do.​
I say, bring your old kit back home. The only reason not to would be if you have enough cash to move into a high end/pro level set.​