Need New Jazz Brushes

My brushes now are the Vic Firth Heritage and I liked them, but they are now not useable due to the wiring getting bent. I was gonna just buy another pair of them but I wanted to see if anyone had any other recommendations. I heard Regal Tip makes really good brushes but I wasn’t sure which ones to get. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. Thanks


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Regal Tip 583R, now renamed "Classic" because nobody could remember "583R". :)
I have five or six different models of brushes, and while the VF Heritage are very good, the Regal Tip are my favourite - better rebound, smoother sound.


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I find Regal classics to be a bit o the soft side, whereas my Facus medium feel better over all. I would like to try the white Vic Jazz brushes too.


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My favourites are Wincent Medium. A bit longer and with stiffer wires than the Vics and Regal Tips I’ve had in the past - they rebound better and can be louder.

Rock Salad

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I have the Vic Firth white, they are little bit heavy, also the casing is hard and textured.
I am still learning and so I couldn't comment further on them.


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I've been using Regal Tip 550W Hickory Handle Wire Brushes for a couple of years. They are fixed, so there's no chance of the wires slipping up into the handle. I keep them in their original storage container in my stick bag. I'm not a jazz player, but I do play a lot of train-beats when playing with bluegrassers.
Isn't there a huge difference between different musical situations? I wouldn't use the soft heritage brushes in a big band as well as I don't want to play delicate trio jazz with the white Vic Firth jazz brushes.
For practice I prefer the Vater nylon brushes in order not to ruin the bristles, but they are as well appropriate for band playing and provide a decent sound. Another thing I appreciate is the fact they won't mess up the heads.


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Why don't they make a brush with a stick head on one end? It sure would be awesome! I tried making one jerry-rigging but couldn't get it to stay on well.


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I use a number of models of Regal Tip brushes.
My favorite retractable model is the Ed Thigpen Signature
My favorite non- retractable model is the Clayton Cameron - I like the longer length.

I also use the Jeff Hamilton Model ( thicker wire strands) great for when I need a bit more volume.
I also like the Regal Tip XL model with the wood handles. They feel great

Another couple Brush models I have discovered and really like a lot are the Vic Firth Russ Miller Model and Steve Gadd models.


Since my brush playing isn't done in a jazz setting I went with the Jeff Hamilton model. They have heavier wires and are holding up great. Using mostly for train beats, rock ballads etc


My absolute favorite brushes of all time ate made by regal tip and I don't remember the product number. I don't use them anymore because I play brushes in volume settings that caused them to explode (literally and my fault, not the product's). If I was playing proper 'quiet' brushes, I would go straight to them.

They are about a 7a in diameter, if not slightly thinner, non-retractable wood handle brushes with wires so stiff you could pick an afro with 'em. Thin and light be so responsive and the stiff wires allow you to really crack a decent rim shot if needed.


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I usually used VF Heritage brushes too, but tried some VF Jazz brushes last time.
They're a bit heavier wire and a little louder than the Heritage.
It also took a little bit to get used to the different feel of plastic instead of rubber,
but I'd imagine it would be the same going to a wood handle brush.
Doesn't hurt to have a few different types.

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It's not like I have only one set of brushes, I have way more burshes than stick variations in my bag, but the Regal Tip ines definetly have a nice soft feel to them. If it was another type of product I imagine it's the type of feel one would describe as luxurious.


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I always used the Regsl Tip classics, but grabbed a pair of Jeff Hamilton brushes last year, and really like how they sound on cymbals. The wires are a bit stiffer, and longer than normal. I also have a pair of the Zildjian Steve Houghton brushes with the little puffy on the end for cymbal rolls. I don't think they make those anymore, so I keep those protected


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Vater heavy brushes,they are louder than regal tip standard brushes, not as heavy as vf white ones,and fast singles are easier than with any other brush i own, which is about 20 different types..nb those red rubber handled, brushfire retro brushes,were unusable for me.


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I like the Russ Miller signature brushes. The pair comes with a "ride" brush for the right hand, with heavier tines, and a "sweep" brush for the left hand, which has thinner ones. You can also get them individually, in case you want two of one or the other.