Need New Jazz Brushes

My brushes now are the Vic Firth Heritage and I liked them, but they are now not useable due to the wiring getting bent. I was gonna just buy another pair of them but I wanted to see if anyone had any other recommendations. I heard Regal Tip makes really good brushes but I wasn’t sure which ones to get. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. Thanks


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Regal Tip 583R, now renamed "Classic" because nobody could remember "583R". :)
I have five or six different models of brushes, and while the VF Heritage are very good, the Regal Tip are my favourite - better rebound, smoother sound.


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I find Regal classics to be a bit o the soft side, whereas my Facus medium feel better over all. I would like to try the white Vic Jazz brushes too.


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My favourites are Wincent Medium. A bit longer and with stiffer wires than the Vics and Regal Tips I’ve had in the past - they rebound better and can be louder.

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I have the Vic Firth white, they are little bit heavy, also the casing is hard and textured.
I am still learning and so I couldn't comment further on them.


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I've been using Regal Tip 550W Hickory Handle Wire Brushes for a couple of years. They are fixed, so there's no chance of the wires slipping up into the handle. I keep them in their original storage container in my stick bag. I'm not a jazz player, but I do play a lot of train-beats when playing with bluegrassers.
Isn't there a huge difference between different musical situations? I wouldn't use the soft heritage brushes in a big band as well as I don't want to play delicate trio jazz with the white Vic Firth jazz brushes.
For practice I prefer the Vater nylon brushes in order not to ruin the bristles, but they are as well appropriate for band playing and provide a decent sound. Another thing I appreciate is the fact they won't mess up the heads.


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Why don't they make a brush with a stick head on one end? It sure would be awesome! I tried making one jerry-rigging but couldn't get it to stay on well.


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I use a number of models of Regal Tip brushes.
My favorite retractable model is the Ed Thigpen Signature
My favorite non- retractable model is the Clayton Cameron - I like the longer length.

I also use the Jeff Hamilton Model ( thicker wire strands) great for when I need a bit more volume.
I also like the Regal Tip XL model with the wood handles. They feel great

Another couple Brush models I have discovered and really like a lot are the Vic Firth Russ Miller Model and Steve Gadd models.