need HONEST feedback of my bands very first album

Hi guys,

I am a drummer of 7 years and am in a band called Satellite Brigade, based in Houston. I am self taught and have become addicted to the drums. I have posted in this forum for years, and have gotten great tips and advice from the drumming community since I started out. I know there are lots of experienced drummers and musicians on this site and would to just get some honest feedback about our music, sound, direction. We are a relatively new band and we just finished our first album ever!

Open to constructive criticism and any critiquing, advice, tips etc. Cant improve if you cant handle criticism!

Some questions I hope you can answer:

1. Who do we sound like? (we rather sound like ourselves of course, but what other bands would you say sound similar to us)

2. What song do you like the most, or has the most potential?

3. On the album overall, what are some things we could have done better? (Whether its the musical, vocal, or even the mixing/mastering aspect of it)

4. What are some tips you have on marketing ourselves and getting our music heard? (especially following the release of an album?)

Here is a link:

Thank you all!


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I'm not really qualified to answer your questions but, I will say, even though it isn't music I'd personally buy (I'm into other genres), I think the band has a nice overall sound, and it was refreshing to hear something other than walls of bone-crushing guitars.

Seems like establishing a fan base is the big deal for bands these days, as far as what I've read, and using all the social networking toward that end. Otherwise, seeing 100k new albums come out every year, getting noticed is difficult, indeed. I would say you have as good a chance as anyone for gaining a following and audience for that sound and genre.