Need Help With Left Hand / Foot


Alright well I guess this is kind of my own fault, however I'm struggling to keep a steady fast beat with my left hand / foot.

I first caught interest in drumming a few years ago when I was introduced to the game Rockband. After several months of playing, I eventually mastered most of the songs on Expert, and decided I wanted to start playing real drums.

Within the first day of bringing my friend's spare drum kit over I knew I had my work cut out for me. I immediately noticed a lot of weaknesses that I had, and a lot of bad habits I had learned from playing Rockband.

Well, the past few weeks I've finally found out the proper way to hold a drum stick, and now I want to work on something else. This something else is getting my left hand / leg more used to drumming.

I bring a practice pad to work with me, and I sit there practicing rudiments while listening to a metronome, but it doesn't seem to getting me anywhere. I just recently started playing Rockband on lefty mode, and using my left foot for the kick (which is funny, a lot of songs I could 100% on normal mode I can't even finish on lefty mode) and I think that will help, however I'm at work right now so can't really play.

Anyway, just kind of hoping to get some tips / tricks on how to help strengthen my left hand / leg. I'm hoping you guys have something that I can do with just a practice pad, as I have an 8 hour midnight shift where I get to do whatever I want, which just so happens to be drumming.


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Its normal to have a weak hand and foot. I assume that you are right handed.
The best thing to do is to simply work on it until you get it. It takes time.
Practice on your pad as if you were playing your kit. Play rock beats on your pad and use your left hand like you are playing the snare and tap your left foot as if it were on the hat pedal.


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Work that left hand hard.
Lead off your rudiments with the left.
Play continuous 16ths with the left.....throw in some accents and then move those accents around.
When playing time, add your left hand so that it copies your right, i.e. if your right is playing 8ths on the hats, get the left to do the same on the snare/pad. Still accent the backbeat on 2 and 4, and ghost the rest of the notes.

Anything that gets you thinking about your weaker hand, helps you to isolate it and keeps it working hard, should get you up to speed. There is no need to do all of this at blistering tempos either, keep your metromone at a tempo where you are comfortable and can play cleanly, evenly and controlled. Bump the tempo as you progress.

Practice and repetition's the only way.

Apply a similar principle to your feet.


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Get a copy of the Book "Stick Control"
Follow the directions in the book and that will help you balance.
You can play the exercises with your feet also.
You can play the exercises between your hands and feet also.

I have been using this book as a practice tool since 1970.

Google "Stick Control" and you can find free PDF's.

Use the sound of the drum pad to hear the balance in your playing.
Both hands should sound the same