Need Help With Bass Pedal Adjustments


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I was playing in a new practice room yesterday and they had Pearl kick pedal with the kit. It played better than any I've ever used, just the way it was set up.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't even a high end Pearl model like an Eliminator, seems to be discontinued, it was using a non-rubber type beater unlike the one I have at home.

It played great. I'm usually 95% of the time a heel down player and I didn't feel under stress playing triplets on the bass drum as I often do at home.

I'm in my early 20's but I actually suffer from varicose veins in my right leg (I had to take medication for a while and put on possibly 4 stone and this weight gain caused the issue so my leg often hurts. It feels heavier than my other leg. I've lost all that body weight now and I'm waiting to get them treated with an operation.

The point being there it was great to play with a pedal that was adjusted so it didn't really stress out my affected leg and felt really nice to play, it had a light springy feel but seemed well controlled and balanced.

I'm just wondering how I can get my own Pearl kick pedal at home to act like this?


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There are lots of adjustments that can be made on modern high end pedals,but sometimes,you just play one that feels just right,,and its not yours.I guess the three things that come to mind are,first,make a mental,or written note of adjustments/settings of the pedal in question,and see if they can be duplicated with your pedal.Secondly,buy a new or used(preferable) pedal of the same vintage and model as the practice pedal,Thirdly,see of the owner of the pedal will trade for yours,and maybe some cash.Cheers

Steve B