*Need Help w/ flams taps, doubles traditional grip


Hey guys - thought I would record myself going over a little of the rough areas of my jury piece I need to perform next week. I'm really struggling with getting my 7th stroke rolls clean, my flams, flam taps, flamadiddles, doubles (and the 9 stroke but that's basically doubles in this case)


Obviously I have some work to do - and a lot of hiccups along the way on this one but I wanted to show basically where I'm at as of today with my hands.

BTW this is Variations on Steve Gadd's Crazy Army solo

I tried to angle the mac book so you guys could see my left hand because it's the traditional grip that's pulling me back on this piece. I can wiz through this with matched grip but I'm always required to play my juries traditional unless I'm performing a concert snare piece --- weird huh?

At any rate - give me feed back!!