Need help w/ "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet


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I am trying to learn "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet & I'm having real difficulty getting it down - it's drivin' me crazy. Anyone have any ideas on how to tame this beast? Or do you know of any youtube videos that give some guidance? In case you aren't familiar with the song, I've included a youtube link to the song below.

Thanks, guys. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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This guy does a pretty good job on it... check out the is funny how some songs that sound simple on drums can turn out to be tough to learn..I remember learning a Foo Fighters song and though wow pretty simple but Hawk is an amazing drummer and it ended up being a tough one...write notes on half the song (or less)'ll get it..good luck!


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Thanks, man! He does do a good job on that video. Greatly appreciated. I'm still having some difficulty on the timing coming out of some of those fills. Just can't quite get it down w/o ending up off-time. But this video is really helpful - thanks again.

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Hey Greenie.....when this song first came out, a band i filled in for played this song. It has that half swung, semi laid back behind-the beat feel to it which makes actually kind of diffucult to reproduce authentically.. It was a bit more challenging than i anticipated. Had to give it a second listen.
There are some note for note transcriptions of this out there. Here's one of the basic charts, maybe it will help. - Are you gonna be my girl (chart).pdf

Also , if you are playing with a band, its imperative that they try to emulate that half swung feel with their instruments/parts, too. Otherwise, it might seem "stiff". Good luck


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Dj hit the nail on the head, the most difficult part of this song is the feel. Once you can nail the laid back half swung bit then your golden. the way i thought of this when i was learning it was that it was like swing where the second eighth note was "excited" or as straight time where the second eighth note was "lazy". try that.