Need help picking out a drumset for my youth group.....


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My youth church has old roland v drums that are not good at all so finally we got about $1000 for drums, hardware, and cymbals. Im gonna be helping pick them out so i was thinking for the drums either pdp m5, pdp fs, or a pearl vision.... maybe birch/basswood combo. For the hardware im not sure.... as for the cymbals i was thinking Sabian XS20s. We are going to most likely be playing unmiked. So whats better for playing unmiked maple or birch. Tell me what drums, cymbals and hardware u think we should get. Thanks alot


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You can get a great kit put together for $1k on the used market, maybe even an all-inclusive deal. Check eBay and Craigslist. Look for Yamaha Stage Customs, Gretsch Catalinas, Tama Superstars (or Starclassic Performers if you're lucky), Mapex Pro-M or Meridians, Pearl Visions, Reference, or maybe a MMX, Sonor x005 or x007s (the first digit changes from year to year), something from Taye, etc etc etc.

Pick through the used listings until you assemble a set of Zildgian As, Sabian AAs or Paiste 2002s, or similar. There are tons of used cymbals out there, so no rason to make do with an intermediate set, when you can have the good stuff at the same cost.


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maple and birch both sound great to me. i think birch is a little louder sounding and may bring out the high frequency sounds more. maple is warmer and fuller sounding and brings out the lows a little more. birch kits are usually a bit cheaper than maple, if that makes a difference to you. i would say if loudness and projection are important to you, then try birch.