Need help on new kit!


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I need to make a decision quickly, as my rehearsals/performances with my new band are starting soon. Some background info - This is for a progressive metal band that sounds like Dream Theater/Periphery/Muse/Opeth/etc. (I'll post a link to a song, below).
I've really been looking at the newer Mapex Saturn iv "jazz" exotic shell pack ( I'm looking to get matching hardware with the kit, so if I get the Mapex, I'll get Mapex falcon hardware.
I have also looked into the Pearl reference pure kits, as well as DW collectors.
I know for sure that DW and Pearl make solid hardware, but how does the Mapex stuff hold up? Their innovations look really practical and handy. Is the quality there as well? I'm really stuck between these 3 manufacturers, but I need some more input on the new Mapex saturns, as well as their hardware.
Thanks again!