Need Help Mounting Yamaha E-cymbal pads to Pearl Stands


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I recently purchased a Yamaha DTX560k electronic drum kit. I sold the rack and mounting everything to cymbal stands with l-arm attachments for the toms.

I have Pearl straight cymbal stands, a few years older. It appears that the piece which holds the cymbal pad in one place will not tighten enough to my stand, being that my cymbals stands are more hex shape and not round/cylinder. As a result, the cymbal pads are still moving around and not staying in place.

Anyone have suggestions to solve this, short of purchasing new cymbal stands?




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Can you not cut out a small bit of rubber and place it inbetween the stand and the tension bolt so it nips it? Shouldn't have to tighten it that much before it'll stop all movement.


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Get a longer bolt? Wouldn't even worry that much about finding a drum key type, just get whatever they have at the hardware store as you won't be adjusting that often.