Need Help Locating A Rental Company in Switzerland

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Does anybody here at Drummerworld have any experience with reputable rental companies in Switzerland? I have some friends who are subbing for a band May 4th through May 9th in Lausanne. You can PM me names of any companies you trust. Much thanks!

Here's the Gear List they need:

DRUMS: preferably Yamaha, DW, Gretsch, or Pearl (if they have those as choices)
20" kick
12" rack tom
14" floor tom
14" hi hats
17" crash
18" crash
20" ride
Drum hardware needed for set up listed above including a throne.
Cymbals: Zildjian or something decent.

Bass guitar & amp, doesn't have to be Cadillac, but this is a good event so we want to use decent gear. Prefer 4 string vs 5.

Acoustic guitar, preferably Taylor. A T5 would give some added flexibility.

Keyboards: here are a few different keyboards my friend could work with. Would only need one of these options:
Nord Electro 3 61
Nord Electro 3 73
Nord Electro 4D
Nord Electro 4 SW73
Nord Stage 1 or 2
Nord C2D
Hammond sk1 or sk2
Korg SV1
Yamaha S90ES
Yamaha CP4

It would also be nice to get a keyboard stand, bench and pedals (sustain & volume).