Need help improving rhythm


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That you practice with a metronome is good, but WHAT and HOW you practice matters a great deal.

Get some simple snare exercises and a pad; don't worry about the whole kit just yet. Set the metronome, and count out loud as you play.

That last part is very important.

Count out loud. OUT LOUD!!! :)
I have been counting out loud every time I play, my teacher makes sure I am always counting while playing.


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"Boring" is a judgement that I do not see any value in passing on. At least not when it is used about a tool that 100% of great players have used for 1000s of hours.

With respect,
Indeed. It's boring only in a sense that it doesn't offer any instant gratification like learning a new cool fill does. The benefits are accrued over a longer period of time, and you must be aware of your long term goals to really motivate yourself to put in the hours. For a serious player this isn't a problem, obviously.


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There are lots of ways to use the metronome that really help and improve on your sense of subdivsion.

Having the metrome playing the offbeats, the es and ahs, just on 1, just on two and four. You can either program them in or use bars of odd time stuff to switch it around.

There is book that focuses pureley on time keeping, Fred Dikins "its about time" its very good, lost of backing tracks with this kind of stuff.

You need fisrt to be smoking a click best you can with it playing quater notes before you start on any of this stuff cause its hard. Good luck with all, its tough going sometimes, we have all been through it. Good time needs maitenence. Also playing in band with players that have good time really helps.

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I developed my timing just playing along to CDs. Just another option for you. I don't like it anymore, but recently discovered metronomes, now I use one lots. I really enjoy it actually.