Need help identifying Slingerlands


This is a huge concert toms set in a chrome like finish. Here are photos of the badges. Id what model they are. Please help me.


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Maybe check out the pages about badges and/or finishes on the vintage drum guide. It's a well done site. There's also the Rob Cook Singerland book if you really want to do some digging.


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Yes there are straight cut concert toms with a regular floor tom. I've seen all the catelogues but can't find this set up, unless all drums were custom ordered. Toms are 6, 8,10,12,13,14,16 22 kick
Actually ..... my initial statement is wrong. (by straight shell, I meant no reinforcement ring). Upon looking closer to your photo. Slingerland produced both a 3 ply with reinforcement ring shell and a 5 ply straight shell (no reinforcement ring) ..... and for quite a few years they offered either/or. Ludwig and Rogers transitioned from reinforcement ring shells to straight shells .... but never offered an either/or situation.

The common 3 ply with reinforcement rings were made 63-81. The common 5 ply straight shell was made 72-86. So there's a 10 year period thereabouts (72-81) where you could get either shell. And to further confuse, they also offered a 3 ply straight shell, from 81-86.

The 6 and the 8 look like 5 ply straight shells, but the 10 looks like it has a reinforcement ring. Perhaps the 13 as well. So ..... it's not inconceivable someone ordered a mix of shells ..... but it's highly unlikely. So my bet would be this kit was put together (added onto) sometime after it left the factory.