Need help identifying a Pearl snare

Swiss Matthias

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I have a Pearl snare that sounds quite cool. It looks like it wasn't of the cheapest sort, but I don't know ...
Can anybody help me identify this model?

Unfortunately it's damaged in a quite ugly way (no idea what happened, I got it in this condition).

Thanks for your help!



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I can't help you with the model name. I can tell you I had a steel 6.5" version of the same snare and it was fantastic. The way the strainer utilizes the rods to seat the wires perfectly is spectacular. I wish more snares were set up like this. Sucks about the damage, but still a cool snare regardless. Mine was from around 85, yours looks to be relatively similar in age based off of lugs and badge.

Swiss Matthias

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Thanks MrInsanePolack and sacco, much appreciated (although it's been quite a while – I'm sorry😬!).
Do you think the drum would be of any selling worth if I don't have any use for it, or should I rather keep