Need help finding an electronic kit


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Hey I'm new to but I've been on here a couple times reading some great things posted. Anyways, i was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on what electric drums i should buy. The two kits i was looking at where Yamaha DTXpress IV (4), and Yamaha DTXtreme II (2). The DTXtreme II are an older model but i could get this higher quality kit for the same price as the new model DTXpress IV. Im thinking that this DTXtreme might not be a good electric kit althought it is big and looks nice, id rather have the smaller DTXpress if it is better quality.
If anyone has a recommendation for which one of those would be a better choice please let me know. Although i have my thoughts on two yamaha kits, I'm all for suggestions... I've checked out Roland kits, and have nothing against them but for my price range (~$750) it looks like i can get a nicer kit for the money. Im mainly looking in to buying used from craigslist and what not, so if anyone had any ideas for a kit around 750, used.. then please give me your input.

This may not answer your question, but as some general advice I learned the hard way, steer way clear of electronic kits for your main and/or practice kit. Seriously. I moved from practicing on acoustic drums to electric drums for 8-9 months and it absolutely destroyed my feel and I had to work for months to regain it. You can get some cool sounds out of 'em, but the problem lies in the fact that you can be hitting the triggers at what would be a horridly disproportionate volume on an acoustic kit, but mix the electronic kit to sound great and cover up the flaws in accuracy, technique and volume you might have.

I know that doesn't answer your question at all (sorry...) but I would go so far as to say that if you're buying electronic drums because volume is an issue, I would bend over backwards to find a good practice space in the interest of improving your drumming instead of buying an electronic kit.


anyone got any input to help me?

Are you looking for this to be your main kit, or a practice kit? I just went through the process of buying an electronic kit through Craigslist for home practice. I actually have purchase 3 kits in the last several months. an E-kit, a portable acoustic kit, and I just bought a new kit for playing out. So I've agonized through the whole Craigslist, Drumshop, what to buy routine.

For my E-kit I ended up getting what I thought was a good buy, A Roland TD-6 in very good condition for $425. It came with all rubber pads. The Cymbals are dual trigger and the TD-6 has dual trigger input for most of the triggers. I immediately added a mesh 10" Pintech dual trigger drum for my snare. That cost me $65 on Ebay. I'm happy with that and hope to eventually replace the toms with mesh also since the others in the house tell me the rubber pads are still annoying to them.

I went to the local drumshop that sells both Roland and Yamaha. Honestly I liked the sound of the Yamaha better, but I got such a good price on the Roland kit I went that way.

A site which may be a better place to find your answer if your sold on an E-kit is It's a Roland site but there are several hardcore Yamaha drummers on there also. I'm willing to answer any questions I can for you. Spiney-Dave


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I'm actually in the same boat as the original poster of this thread. My girlfriend and I are moving into a new apartment and there are no first floor apartments available, so there's no way I could get away with playing my acoustic kit, and I'm saving up to buy an electronic one.

Someone mentioned that practicing on an electronic kit is not a good idea. Is the feel that different from an acoustic one?

I've come across a lot of cheap Ion Electronic kits online. Is this a good brand to get? It's definitely the most affordable.