Need Help Adjusting Bass Drum Pedal

I've had a DW 9000 series bass drum pedal for almost a year. Bought it used, but it seems to be in good condition. After much fiddling, I can't seem to get a good, snappy tension/response on it. Any advice or suggestions to offer?


Either you know how to use it fully or don't. I dont mean that against you at all. You didn't say what you have tried so far so I am not sure if you know all of the functions of DW pedals especially the 9000 series. The 5000 series come in turbo or accelerator models but the big feature of the 9000 is that you can switch between turbo and accelerator on the same pedal with a cam adjustment.I have a 5000 turbo double pedal and have it set so that it is very responsive for me and very smooth. Now with your pedal you have an adjustable cam. Try setting it to the accelerator position. That is the effect you are looking for. I have a turbo model 5000 that gives more feel but not as quick. The accelerator mode of your pedal allows for way quicker response. Hope this helps. Also either adjust the spring tension or the weight on the beater or both. You can change the stroke by rotating the shaft that the beater is on for a closer hit or further hit (travel wise). I do not advise playing with the chain position and changing links because you rarely get what you are looking for that way. Oh and next time post these questions in the hardware forum. You will get more responses that way.