Need feedback on two options for a sizzle cymbal.


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I have two Zildjian rides, one of which I want to make into a sizzle. They are an A Custom 20" Ping Ride and a K Custom 20" Flat Top Ride. I didn't pay a lot for either one. I'd probably be happier with them if they were 22" cymbals. But since they are not, I want to experiment with one of them and won't regret it if it only sounds OK with the rivets. Already have the rivets and the equipment and know-how needed to drill successfully.

So, any thoughts as to which one would lend itself better to rivets?


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For myself I'd pick the ping for a bit of definition to go along with the sizzle. The flat would probably be pretty much all sizzle since the attack on the flats are mellow to begin with.

It depends on the sound you're imagining.


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K Custom 20" Flat Top Ride
I have one of these with a single sizzle rivet and it sounds great! I bought it used so I don't know if the rivet came from the factory or if someone did it later but it's got a real smooth sound and the decay of the rivet is smoother and more consistent than the sound I get using sizzle beads. Personally, of the two rides you mentioned, I would leave the ping alone and sizzle the flat top with beads or drill it and put a rivet in it.


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Before you go crazy with the drill, try out an ordinary chain to see how it sounds first. You might even find it sounds just as good...without drilling holes in the cymbal. Win/win!

This is what I did. I have a Zildjian 20" Mini-cup ride and was worried about drilling. So I bought one of those sizzle chains and I actually like it that way.