Need an energy boost

Jeremy Crockett

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Monster Energy Zero Ultra, Sugar Free. White can. I typically do not consume energy drinks but these will do the trick and it actually tastes pretty good

Your avatar seems to indicate otherwise. :LOL:


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I'm too late for the OP tonight, but what I usually do is stick to sodas during the gig, or even a cup of coffee. And avoid drinking in the set breaks, lol.

Usually the adrenaline kicks in once we start, and that in combination with the caffeine keeps me cooking.


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Ever seen the infomercial on Super beets?. It's the real thing. YouTube this product. The surgeon on botched has used a beet powder in the operating room for a sustained energy unlike N.O.S. etc which leaves you jittery and waiting for the crash. Athletes are aware of the advantages of beet powder supplements.


Thanks everyone for the advice and helpful suggestions. Was a 3 hour set with no breaks but made it through with a litre of lucozade and wine gums. Also adrenaline seemed to keep the engine ticking over.


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If you don't know your response to caffine when you are exhausted, I suggest using it very sparingly when going into a gig.

You are better off having consistent low energy than spiking then crashing with 2 hrs left in the set.

Eat smaller amounts very frequently...nothing large/heavy.

I also suggest caution with 'power napping' as some will find lower energy with partial rest.

Do not ignore post gig fatigue and think you can power through the drive home...there are too many deaths from that....just sleep in your car or arrange alternate transportation.