Need advise selling a Tama drum kit, noob! ;-)

Hey guys, the dimensions for the toms of the kit are:

Bass drum: 63cm width, 41cm depth
High tom: 34cm width, 25cm depth
Mid tom: 36cm width, 27cm depth
Floor tom: 46 width, 42cm depth

You'll see extra stuff as well as two purple toms and a purple bass drum. Some guy told me they might be Remo brand, but I'm not sure at all.
Thanks for all your advise!



The purple set? @harryconway already gave an estimate on the Tama, so I guess you're talking about the Remo. It's a "Remo Encore" which isn't worth much and they are notorious for cracked lugs and damaged shells, so you should check the insides of the Remo drums. How many drums are there? A set with one bass and 3 toms might sell for about $200 but that's a rough estimate.
The Zildjian cymbals might be worth something but we would need sizes, pictures of stamps and weights.


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Hey guys, any idea what I could ask for this kit, and for the extra's?
What platform are you gonna sell these on? Local pick-up only? Or are you willing to ship? I'm not too familiar with Belgium and surrounding market. I know you're got the eBay option. Facebook marketplace. Reverb.

On eBay, if you've got the time, there's nothing wrong with asking too much, to start with. If you start at $1500, for the Tama kit, and you get no bids/offers .... relist it the following week, for $1400. Or $1300. Or $1200. If you start at $1200, you may get bids right away ..... you may not (some people wait until the last few seconds - snipers). It may sell. It may not.

The Remo kit ..... I sold a double bass 7 piece, for $275 (see below). They just don't get much love.

Drum bags .... you can either throw them in with a drum set ..... or sell them off alone/as a set. New .... a 3 piece Roadrunner set's about $80. 5 piece $125.

Things like stands .... name brand stuff (Tama, Pearl, etc.) will be worth more than generic.

Cymbals. Need more/better photo's and sizes. That Paiste 1000, for example. What size? 14"?? 16'???

Try to sort all the electronic drum stuff ..... and set aside. Hopefully, there's a whole kit there.


To get more information (and more money): take a few hours with all of that stuff and try to set up all sets and dust them off. Then take some good photos from different angles. Measure all diameters of drums and cymbals. These are given in inches, so divide centimeters by 2.54 to get the size in inches. Then round off to the closest number.
For the cymbals, try to post weight, diameter and a few photos of each cymbal: front and back, stamp, middle hole and problematic spots - you'll need these for the sale anyway. If you show us one cymbal per post or give them numbers, it'll be easier to reference all that stuff.

This site gives you some great advice what matters to buyers of drums and cymbals, so find out if there are any big problems:
You don't want to state that a set is in great condition, ship it somewhere and then the buyer is (rightfully) mad that there are lots of problems.
On the other hand, you don't have to say "I know nothing about drums" because people might try to abuse that or refrain from bidding.
Luckily, measuring diameters, checking if screws are tight and most other things can be done even if you're not a drummer.

By the way, since you're a bassist: I'd consider keeping the Remo set, the snare with the Pearl strainer (probably self-made?) and some hardware and cymbals. Those drums won't sell for a whole lot, even though it's potentially a very fine set for rehearsals at your place.