Need advice - covering a bumpy/grooved finish - wrap or paint


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Question for those who used wraps: how does it work with a drum that is bumpy or uneven from sanding the wrong spots or not built well? I have an old WFL shell that is just that - the mahogany plies are meshed into the maple and are messed up in some spots - you can feel the uneven areas especially close to the edge. What to do then?


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Boy, I think you are screwed on this one. If the new wrap is glued on as it should be, it's going to show those imperfections. If you decide to wrap anyway, you will just have to live with the imperfections. This may be one of those cases where it's best to move on to another shell.



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Carefully cover the affected spots with wood filler. Sand smooth and wrap.

I feel a wrap comin on!



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A wrap could hide or diminish the appearance of those imperfections.

Without seeing pictures and going only by your description, that would be my first choice.


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50s/60s Luddy are often like that... If you wrap with full adhesion you will have issues. I have had great success with those drums wrapping with just adhesion at the seam. (See the instructions on my site)


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Hey thanks! That could work. Which one would you recommend?
I’ve used Elmer’s and DAP. They both work fine. DAP has a plastic component as well in the mix, made possible by its solvent. Apply with a thin plastic tool.


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Just dealt with that very situation Wood filler & sanding blocks - fill (let thoroughly dry). Repeat. Here's my post from the drum modification thread (at the bottom of the page)
Drum Refinish


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