Need a ride - NAMM to Sherman Oaks at end of Saturday - anyone?

Bo Eder

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I wish I could! But after the show we're heading over to Whittier for a double bill of Tony Levin's Stick Men and The Aristocrats with Marco Minneman, 'cause I can't get enough progressive rock ;)

Just braggin'. I'm looking forward to that concert.

I'd drive separate.


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Hi All,

I'm driving to NAMM on Saturday morning with my girlfriend (who is speaking on a songwriter's panel). She is leaving right after she speaks so I could use a ride back from NAMM to Sherman Oaks at the end of the day on Saturday. Can anyone help?


I am going with a couple of bandmates and we will be going on Saturday and leaving around 4:30 or 5pm. We might have enough room to afford you a ride back to Sherman Oaks. I live in Reseda and we will pass by SO on the way to my house. I'll ask the driver if he's good with it and get back to you by tomorrow if you are interested.