necessary stuff for tour


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My bands going on our first tour this summer. Some of the members have toured before, but I'm one of them who hasn't. I'll obviously be bringing my drums with me, but I was thinking about how I'm gonna need to bring so much back-up stuff and how expensive its gonna be.

What do you guys think is necessary for a 2 week tour?


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Make a list! Include everything from your toothbrush to socks to vitamins.

For a two week trip, I'd say bring 8 days' change of clothes and plan to do wash somewhere in the middle.

As for the gear, make sure you bring spare heads and sticks, and as you replace them, they should be reimbursed as a tour expense. Bring some basic parts: rods, snare wires, wing nuts, etc. It's also good to have a spare snare, pedal, and any cymbals you are prone to breaking (crashes in particular.)

Also submit a list of your gear with values to the band's manager or tour manager, for insurance purposes.

Good luck, have fun!