Neal Pert dead @67


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And he posted three different times... All with the same content and poor spelling.
I guess this is harder on some people than others..
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Could be Dysgraphia? I drop letters and stuff like that at times. In fact I've never had a publication that we didn't find errors after it was published. So that's half dozen readers at my institution, then peer-reviewed, and still published with errors in it. It amazes me that your brain and coordinated eye movements can read reversed, upside down, or even left out text we still read the info-fill in the gaps.


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I'm dyslexic, for context...
Yep about 10-15% of population. I had a difficult time reading and writing as a child as well as other traits-actually struggled well into first four years of college. When I'm typing fast I still leave out letters and whole words at times-i think them but it never makes it to page LOL.