NDD : My first Rogers (XP8)


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Well, these appeared in my local online classifieds for a good price, so I thought I'd give them a whirl.
12/16/20 Players grade Rogers XP8 shells, the earlier made in USA (by Keller I do believe) all maple shell...first to do an all maple shell I think ? Rogers experts please be gentle, I don't know a whole lot about these.
Think the 12" has been cut down to standard 8" depth, as the kit also came with a 10"x9" and a 13"x12" tom. That are for sale. LOL

I much prefer the older script badge over the 'big R' but these are really solid, well made shells and they sound great. The Memriloc hardware still works really well, the guy I bought them form installed a RIMS mount with a Yamaha tom fitting with arm. I think the huge tube BD spurs look kinda weird but again, they work fine and I think my pedal will provide most of the 'holding the bass drum in place' duties anyway.

Toms are sporting new heads; clear Ambassador resonant heads, coated Ambassador batter on the 12" and coated Emperor batter on the 16".
Was thinking about adding a Dynasonic to this kit too - but I still haven't heard an online demo that I like yet. (disclaimer: I am a wood snare guy through and through) I will try one in person soon - there aren't many in these parts !

I'll bring these on my road gig this weekend, can't wait!