Nate Smith

Nate Smith is one of my all time favourites. His unbelievable chops are dwarfed by his pure musicality and groove. Critical mass by Dave holland is such an amazing album.

There is this cute little drum solo from some concert in Chicago, where he works the audience in- never mind the fact that he’s playing 16ths with his right hand comfortably stupid fast, or that his time doesn’t waiver at all when accenting every fourth triplet in 7/8, he does it all in a way that is engaging, fun to watch and compelling. Perfection.

I love that song-I worked on it forever-even tried to emulate his shaker with a maraca. It changes up a bit from 4/4 to 9/8 (way I counted it). I had better success with Fearless Flyer songs.
NGL I have been playing this almost non-stop. A funky 17/8 that shifts from a bar of eight and a bar of nine to a 7/5/5 for the "chorus"? Yes, please.

Full disclosure- I started jamming to this before I counted it, it just felt natural to me. Impressive arranging.