Nasty Drum Lick #128 - Featuring Gary Husband's "Groove Grease"


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Hey Everyone-
A couple of things. I recently posted a video of me playing along with a Gary Husband track from his "Drum Videocast" series. It's a cool tune called "Groove Grease." I highly recommend Gary's materials, which you can check out on his website.

Second, there are a couple of licks from the solo in that video that I want to share. The first one is "Nasty Lick #128," and you can check out a transcription PDF at the link HERE.

Here's the video that includes that lick.... i hope this is helpful.


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The accented sextuplet at the end of the phrase is interesting. I've been watching some timbale exercises, and Changuito would add those at the end of his phrases.