Narada Michael Walden on tour w/ Jeff Beck


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Hey all, Jeff Beck is on his 2nd wave of his 2010 Tour
and I had the opportunity to see them last night at the
Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park, NJ. 06/15/10.
Narada Michael Walden - just kicked butt on his DW killer drum kit.
Thunderous and explosive, plus finess... and just a Great overall sound...
Super tight Rhythm section!!!
Words can't describe what I saw, he is so under-rated..
If you get a chance to see Jeff Beck's tour - please won't
regret any $ spent on a ticket.

5 Stars!!


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I went to the Rochester show at the Eastman, and thought Rhonda Smith was amazing. So was Jeff. Narada Michael Walden did just fine, but I won't say he was up to the bar height of expectation set by Vinnie. Just my opinion. His solos were loud, but also pat. I came away disappointed to be honest, because a $100 ticket should get you more than a 90 minute set. I walked out thinking "It's over?".


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I saw Jeff with Vinnie last year at a club in NYC when Jeff was being re-inducted in the Rnr HoF. It was nice to see them up close; but I thought the same thing. 90 minutes . .??? They were here at the Garden with Clapton. Clapton/Gadd, Jeff/Narada . . . I didn't go. What was I thinking? Growing up, Narada was one of my favorite drummers. His power was incredible. I always loved his playing on Led Boots, and Come Dancing is a classic break beat. I do that with my band, and was frustrated that I couldn't get it to sound right. Then when I looked again, there are two drummers on that track, Narada, and Ed Greene.


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Searched up an old thread

I saw Narada with jeff Beck last week. I got free comp tickets from casino rama north of toronto. Left of centre stage about 5 feet, 4th row, about 20 feet from where Jeff Beck stood.
The only thing I knew of Narada, was, when I was a young drummer, I remember him being on the cover of Modern Drummer, then I bought one of his solo albums and was really unimpressed, from what I remember it was a lullaby soft jazz album. At the time, I was really into stuff like Lee Ritenour, UZEB, but this album barely got a second listen. So I was expecting the same when I went to see Jeff Beck.

Holy %#@(*& was I wrong!
The power stamina, fire, passion coming of that DW kit was something I wont soon forget. And I am old, I forget easily lol.

Yes, this guy is an unsung hero, there were moments when the meter/feel seemed a little uncomfortable, kind of floated a bit, but he or the band ever let on something was shaky, but this is likely because I am so anally linear. Because when I sensed this, soon after, he morphed the song via some wild poly rythmic fill/groove that built the intensity to the next plateau. This guy, even though I really never paid attention too, is what I aspire to play like, although I doubt i ever will, he truly inspired me.
He also never played it safe, he gave the feeling he was always going for it". I love that, guys like weckl, although they are great, seem too perfect, cautious, and I find this takes away from the live performance. I love seeing a player on the edge.


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I just listened to the "Wired"album last night and am still amazed by Michael Waldens power ,chops and feel.He and Vinny seem to push Beck to do thing he might do be inclined to play at times.

Jeff Beck always seems to find the right drummer for the material he's playing at the time.A list of these guys is a who's who of the profession.

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